GARUDA BAHARI INDONESIA (GBI) diversified and we are able to provide wide range of services from allocation project personnel assignment & support, logistics support  not limited to formalities clearence, export –  import and forwarder, trading, training & seminar and event organizer.

However as a part of main a core business GARUDA BAHARI INDONESIA provides as a specialist support for allocation project assignment and logistic support for turnkey project as sush EPCIC & LOFS, SURF, offshore maintenance and operations drilling rig, vessel support and the placement of medical staffing for abroad hospital.

Due to market demand, our services extended to recruitment process of medical staff e.g. nurses from reputable universities/institutes for the placement at overseas reputable medical facilities / hospital, emergency services, and medical emergency service provider.  We selected the range of medical staff from fresh graduated  with good qualification and communication skill (English as  a second language) and a competent experience nurse for any type medical facilities and industries such as emergency nurse, paramedic, occupational health, industrial nurse, offshore medic, onshore medic, first aider.  etc.

Our experience working in challenging international markets has been a feature since inception and we are delighted to be represented either directly or through our key partner & client in location around the world.

Our expertise in exporting quality workmanship and ethical and a strong Health and Safety culture provides our clients with significant peace of mind typically not available in the respective local marketplace.


Excellent Service

GARUDA BAHARI INDONESIA is providing services to both our clients and employees; our success depends on how effectively we conduct our business; finding adequate selecting and supervising the right people in the right place for our valuable clients.

We selected right personnel which have skill and competency professionals and have extensive experience in the specific sector and allowing them to understand the competence and skill requirement demanded by our clients and focus on excellent service and quality operations in support of our clients.


GARUDA BAHARI INDONESIA is friendly & professional company;

  • We build good relationship with our client and built a trust and deliver our promises;
  • We empower, responsible and accountable and we professional and ethical,
  • We proactively seek new business opportunities in line with our strategy, vision and mission;

At GBI we are proactive and accountable towards meeting our commitment to responsible business working. Our people frequently demonstrate our ongoing commitment to responsible working and we monitor this through a continuous feedback process with our clients. We focus on continuous improvement and innovative solutions that help us to develop our business while enhancing health, safety and environmental performance.

HSE is one of core value for the way we operate and for the personnel that we provide. We are proud of this commitment and of our record in the industry, We believe the continual improvements in our health and safety performance over the years can be attributed to enhanced safety awareness in all of our operations, continuous improvement of our safety management systems, and a high degree of co-operation with our valuable client in meeting health and safety goals.


GARUDA BAHARI INDONESIA has a motto “GBI B-I-S-A” which we believe that with Our Motto can provide a full support to achieve our company vision. The meaning of B-I-S-A is The Best- Integrity– Specialist and Act.


“Become a one of leading Indonesia company to provide oil and gas projects, services not limited to allocation projects personnel assignment, support and logistic training provider in the region at 2024”


GARUDA BAHARI INDONESIA provides clients with an extensive range of specialist project personnel assignment & support, rapid reliable, responsible services for our clients in accordance with the project and client requirement.


The Global Industries growth following with an Industrial and client demand to provide the good resources to support projects and operations, with our professional approach, we would like to thank you to our valuable clients for continue support and trust to our services.

We are able to provide our services with good quality skill resources and high ethical with good attitude personality. We have a wide understanding of all individual preferences and understand that finding the perfect job takes a lot of effort.